Who Knew Religion Class Could Be Exciting?

I sure didn’t.

It was second last period of today, when my friend Steve and I broke out in an extremely nerdy and interesting conversation about evolution. We talked about all sorts of things, about my religious beliefs (agnostic), and how I basically will never believe in anything that can’t be proven. We also talked about reincarnation. Personally, although I’m not of any particular faith, I find reincarnation is the most possible out of all theories out there. It only seems possible that once you go under the ground and decompose, you become a part of something else. Something organic.

I think most people believe in life after death because they want something to believe in. Face it, most people hate the fact that one day, you will be dead and buried. They like believing in a “heaven” after death. A place where everything is magnificent, fantastic, and absolutely perfect. It sooths their mind. Steve and I both share the fear of death. It’s something I have to live with. Born with the way of believing only what can be proved, I go through moments at a time, really freaking about the fact I’ll someday live no longer. Steve has turned to religion, but again; I just can’t do that. There are so many things wrong with religion it makes me sick.

I’d like for you all to comment and discuss your feelings on this. Really look forward to hearing your responses. 😀


2 Responses to “Who Knew Religion Class Could Be Exciting?”

  1. May 30, 2007 at 12:00 am

    I’m for the theory of reincarnation as well possibly, but it means believing in a soul which I don’t. Really we’re all just blood and guts, and a brain makes us communicate. We develop personality and talents because of our environment.

    What I think would be so interesting would be to block a child (from birth) from any communication – TV, internet, other people. It sounds cruel, but I would love to hear it’s views on things and talk to it. People that are funny are funny in a certain way – for example Satire – where did they pick that up? They can’t of learnt that kind of humour from South Park or other satirical, I believe that a person is not naturally funny, that they learn the way of thinking (E.g thinking on the spot) from other things.

    Basically I think that people themselves are dry and boring, its our environment that taught us everything we are and do, and possibly even what we like.

  2. May 30, 2007 at 12:06 am

    I agree; I don’t believe in souls either. I just believe in the idea of us becoming apart of something else after death.

    And yes, people. I, too, believe that we’re all influenced people. In some way, we’re genetically given characteristics which we use everyday in every motion we make. That’s just science. It’s most likely derived from our earlier, simple people, but we’ve changed so much that it really is too hard to tell.

    I think people who take life too seriously are dry and boring. We’re all influenced in some way, and taught manners, and educated in school. It just really comes down to how you use your life.

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