Exam Preperations

I always find it hard to study for anything, let alone exams. It’s the pressure of what’s to come that just drives me away from touching a book. However, if I don’t study, I get worse and worse. So I think it’s about time I studied for a little.

Just received possibly the worst test I’ve ever done in all my school years. For some reason it’s not depressing at all. I didn’t fail, but pretty close. I think it’s the lack of time left in the year, and the fact that “I have exams to worry about and I don’t need your stinking test in front of them”.

I can’t wait for the next two weeks to be over. I’ll be cycling and programming everyday. Fun, fun fun.
I love freedom. Being out for unlimited amounts of time. No curfew, very little sleep, a summer’s worth of money…it’s well worth a year of schoolwork.

I guess I need sleep. A good night’s rest, followed by a night of studying. Good times.


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