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The Best News Anchor Of Them All

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This is simply priceless.


Do want!

My next thing to aim for:


Thanks Where It’s Due

Right now at Blabber, we’re concentrating on the comment’s system (coincidently the same time Digg is working on their new one) which features a simple “Ajaxified” reply system. I, of course, had a lot of trouble getting AJAX callbacks to work. Luckily, Will was there to request me to use SimpleJax. This is a lightweight AJAX library available for download here. I really recommend this library as it’s incredibly easy to use. Definitely helped me out a lot. Blabber will definitely use this on top of Prototype JS and


Checking A Password Strength

Tonight I wrote something pretty nifty in PHP, and pushed it out to the /dev/ section of Blabber. I’d like to show it, and even tell you how it’s done. 🙂

I wrote a script that checks the strength of a password. This strength is ranked by the consistency of letters and/or numbers, and the use of special characters in the password. It’s a pretty neat script, and it uses regex to calculate the strength.

Here is a link to the live, working version of the script:

I used a function to make it easy to call to, as well:

function passStrength($string, $strength = 0) {
$expressions = array(
'#[a-z]#', // lower-case chars. from a-z
'#[A-Z]#', // upper-case chars. from A-Z
'#[0-9]#', // numbers from 0-9
'/[¬!"£$%^&*()`{}\[\]:@~;\'#?,.\/\\-=_+\|]/' // special characters
foreach($expressions as $arg) {
if( preg_match( $arg, $string, $find ) ) {
return $strength;

Now, if we’re going to make a full script that checks password information from a form, and prints out its strength, we’re going to want a function to format the strength outcome, since right now it would just print out a number from 1 to 4 (1 being weak, and 4 being strong).

function formatStrength($strength) {
if($strength == 1) {
return "weak";
} elseif($strength == 2) {
return "mediocre";
} elseif($strength == 3) {
return "good";
} elseif($strength == 4) {
return "strong";
} else {
return "not found";

From there, you should be able to figure out how to get this into your registration form or what not.

That’s all for now,
Keep on Blabbering

– Brad



After finishing my French exam today, I ran out of the school in excitement. Ahh, summer.

It begins tonight with an all-night hackathon with Tubby, which should be a load of fun. I’ve bought Red Bull for it and everything. In this hackathon I’ll probably manage to push out some new features. This will definitely speed up the process of development.

Meh, I’ve written enough all week. Hands are tired.

Keep blabbering, internet.

– Brad


It’s Just One Big Circle.

Hmm, looking back on my previous blog entries, I seem to post about circles a lot. The drunken, “Sir Cul Jerc” entry, and the Digg Arc entry. However, I was just thinking about another circle. A circle that many people don’t notice, but is actually quite important.

In my life, I have realized that, when people feel depressed, and want to overcome it, they often turn to religion. This has been evident with a few of my friends this year. But, it makes you think about what these people are benefiting from turning to a God.

Religion, in the opinion of many, is home to much disturbance of peace, and has lately brought nothing but disturbance of peace. Different religions always seem to have a go at each other, and, as a non-atheist, even atheism is involved in conflict with Christians.

It really makes you stop and think – why are people turning to a God who is only believed in by a few religions? Obviously, this type of belief would cause arguments and the such at some point in time, but why are these people choosing to take their side?

It’s a circle effect really. Depressed => Religion, Religion => Fighting.

And it’s a tough thing to think about. But, as a non-religious person, I really think about it a lot.

Anyone have answers? Perhaps a personal experience? I’d love to read it. 🙂

– Brad


Why Paris Hilton Doesn’t Interest Me

Okay, so by now you’ll all have heard about Paris Hilton’s jail dilemma. Am I the only one who’s extremely uninterested, and not surprised at all?

First of all, she’s a downright whore. In my opinion, anyone who’s brave enough to make a sex tape is brave/stupid enough to do something that would get her into jail. And for the record, she’s not so great at sex.

Secondly, I find it really hypocritical that she said she was just going to wait out her sentence, just to prove to the media that she really can, yet she gets out 4 days later because she “coincidently” broke out in a rash, and her sentence gets cut to her being trapped in her motherfucking mansion.

She got ordered back in now, I hear. That’s a good thing, but still, the silly mingebag’s case really doesn’t even deserve all the coverage it gets. She drove drunk, got a jail sentence, it’s not long enough – Good for her, we don’t really care.


I haven’t been able to update lately, because of exams around the corner. Give it a week and I’ll be blogging regularly again.

Keep on rocking,

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