Why Paris Hilton Doesn’t Interest Me

Okay, so by now you’ll all have heard about Paris Hilton’s jail dilemma. Am I the only one who’s extremely uninterested, and not surprised at all?

First of all, she’s a downright whore. In my opinion, anyone who’s brave enough to make a sex tape is brave/stupid enough to do something that would get her into jail. And for the record, she’s not so great at sex.

Secondly, I find it really hypocritical that she said she was just going to wait out her sentence, just to prove to the media that she really can, yet she gets out 4 days later because she “coincidently” broke out in a rash, and her sentence gets cut to her being trapped in her motherfucking mansion.

She got ordered back in now, I hear. That’s a good thing, but still, the silly mingebag’s case really doesn’t even deserve all the coverage it gets. She drove drunk, got a jail sentence, it’s not long enough – Good for her, we don’t really care.


I haven’t been able to update lately, because of exams around the corner. Give it a week and I’ll be blogging regularly again.

Keep on rocking,


8 Responses to “Why Paris Hilton Doesn’t Interest Me”

  1. 1 Louise
    June 8, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    i’d have to agree with you m’dear. x

  2. June 8, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    Although she made the sex tape, she did not initially distribute it, the guy (Rick Salmon I think his name is) did, she then distributed it on DVD and sent the money to charity after it became popular on the internet anyway

    Sorry to burst your bubble ❤

    But what is fucking rofl is that her exuse when she was caught breaking her probation (the reason she went to jail, not the initial DUI) – she claimed she didn’t know her license had been suspended, they searched the car and found the papers informing her so xD

  3. June 8, 2007 at 7:57 pm

    Yes. I know she didn’t distribute it, she _made_ it.

    Oh and by the way, the fact she sent it to charity is fucking hilarious. “We got this money from some slut who made a tape of herself having sex!”

  4. June 8, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    Charity’s don’t care how they get their money, it doesnt matter where it came from, the fact she’s giving them money to aid their cause is decent.

    She couldn’t go back and destroy the tape so people who need it may as well benefit from it

  5. June 8, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    Fair enough, but it’s just the same reasons that everyone else hates her for. Not to mention her shallow, naive stupidity being aired on Saturdays on satellite TV. One of the reasons why I don’t actually get cable is because of those fucking programs with her and another retarded blonde acting stupid in the Bible belt of America.

    Secondly, if you’re uninterested, why blog about it, THEN put it on Digg? 😛

  6. June 8, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    Because, Will, it’s all over Digg. To be honest, that’s what really inspired me to write this. I like the fact the news about her being ordered back in is there, but all the stories about her sob story and whatnot is just WAY too far, in my opinion.

    And yes, I’m not quite sure why people like The Simple Life (which clearly isn’t so simple for her right now anyway…).

  7. June 10, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    the fact that you wrote a blog post about it speaks volumes as to how hypocritical your title is.

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