After I used Pownce for a while, I decided to give its competitor, Twitter a try. It’s not near as complex as Pownce, but Pownce’s notes are very similar. Twitter lets you tell the world what you’re up to. But it’s not hard to use – believe me. You can use Twitter on your mobile phone via text messaging (with some activation), through an IM client (also with some activation), and if you’re on Mac OS X Tiger, you can even use a desktop application called Twitterific. These external sources make Twitter simply a home for your status updates, instead of a tool which requires that you update your status on the website itself. Very neat. But of course, there is a fancy AJAX alternative built in to the twitter.com site itself.

For those of you who have ever wished Facebook allowed you to update your current status without the “is” prefix, seriously – give Twitter a try. And it’s not like your Facebook friends won’t see what you’re up to, either! There is a Twitter Facebook Application available!

I’m not taking this blog post to compare Pownce to Twitter, just to let you know. Pownce is much more diverse, and even though its Notes feature is similar to the functionality Twitter offers, it really isn’t enough to compare the two. However, I really recommend you all use Twitter!

Also, an FYI for you geeks – The folks behind Twitter are the same crew who created the popular blogging tool Blogger, which was since bought by Google.


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  1. July 16, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    Many thanks!!
    very nice topic!!!

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