Hi, I’m Brad Purchase. I’m almost positive that anyone who is reading this already knows who and what I am, But I feel the need to express myself. I consider myself to be an easy-going, outgoing person, who takes the most out of life and puts it in my own perspective. I think people consider me pretty much the same, perhaps with a hint of over-maturity for my young age of 14.

I’m a geek. I run a website called Blabber, and, even though it’s just in development, it’s one of my top priorities in my life. I plan some extremely large things for the site when I get older, and hope to implement these ideas. Aside from my websites, I’m also a general technology geek. I use Digg for my Technology news, and I advise you to do the same. I am also a proud owner of an Apple Macbook. I probably wouldn’t trade it for your Windows Vista Ultimate x64 Intel Duel Core 2 Processor w/ 2GB RAM Dream Machine. Here is what I use for Mac OS X Tiger.

Another hobby of mine is cycling. I learned how to ride a bike when I was about five, and always had a passion for it since then. However, I’m not big into bike hardware. I barely care about the difference between a de-railer and a spoke, but I can ride for ages. It keeps me fit and I’m proud of being a cyclist.

I don’t think I should feel obliged to care about much else. I freelance for a living for now, and I enjoy my work very much. I can code you a PHP script, with some sexy Javascript features in no time. Perhaps even fix you up with a nice layout to go along with that. I’m very proud of my abilities as a Web Developer/Designer, and hope it stays with me for the rest of my life.

I really hope you find my blog interesting. It’s usually just me posting my thoughts, sometimes with some Technology news and some cool things I find around the net. Enjoy!


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