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After I used Pownce for a while, I decided to give its competitor, Twitter a try. It’s not near as complex as Pownce, but Pownce’s notes are very similar. Twitter lets you tell the world what you’re up to. But it’s not hard to use – believe me. You can use Twitter on your mobile phone via text messaging (with some activation), through an IM client (also with some activation), and if you’re on Mac OS X Tiger, you can even use a desktop application called Twitterific. These external sources make Twitter simply a home for your status updates, instead of a tool which requires that you update your status on the website itself. Very neat. But of course, there is a fancy AJAX alternative built in to the site itself.

For those of you who have ever wished Facebook allowed you to update your current status without the “is” prefix, seriously – give Twitter a try. And it’s not like your Facebook friends won’t see what you’re up to, either! There is a Twitter Facebook Application available!

I’m not taking this blog post to compare Pownce to Twitter, just to let you know. Pownce is much more diverse, and even though its Notes feature is similar to the functionality Twitter offers, it really isn’t enough to compare the two. However, I really recommend you all use Twitter!

Also, an FYI for you geeks – The folks behind Twitter are the same crew who created the popular blogging tool Blogger, which was since bought by Google.



I’ve been using the new start-up from Kevin Rose, Daniel Burka, Shawn Allen and the lovely Leah Culver for the past few days, and I must say, it’s really, really nice.

Pownce is a new way to send information to your friends. That information could be in the form of a simple message, an event invitation, a link to a website, or even a file. And it’s all in Web 2.0 and AJAX fashion. Very cool.

Above is a photo of the top of your Pownce homepage. As you can see it follows a kind of minimalistic pattern, in that the banner is small but effective, and not taking up a large fraction of the page. As you can see, the left side shows you your current photo, and some of your profile details, such as gender, and location.

Though I haven’t used it, an Adobe AIR application also comes alongside Pownce. It makes for a quick way of creating new notes, sending files, events, etc. to Pownce, without having to use the website. Definitely looks useful. I should install it, but I have heard that AIR eats CPU, which is a downside.

The rest really needs to be discovered for yourself. It’s really a great website, and I’d like you all to try it out. I’ve got 6 invites left, so if you want one just let me know; I’ll get you in. 🙂



Thanks Where It’s Due

Right now at Blabber, we’re concentrating on the comment’s system (coincidently the same time Digg is working on their new one) which features a simple “Ajaxified” reply system. I, of course, had a lot of trouble getting AJAX callbacks to work. Luckily, Will was there to request me to use SimpleJax. This is a lightweight AJAX library available for download here. I really recommend this library as it’s incredibly easy to use. Definitely helped me out a lot. Blabber will definitely use this on top of Prototype JS and



The #1 reason why I like working with other developers is that it gives each developer a chance to concentrate and/or focus on one certain area or feature. For other projects/websites, I had to “just get it done” for every page. But working with Tubby and Alec opens up a new light which allows me to work on a certain feature all to myself. We’re working with a policy that allows each developer no limits to what they add to the feature. We will decide as a team before releasing if everything is really necessary, but I think it’s really quite fair, and each developer has their own ideas about what works well and what doesn’t.

I’m currently working on the Private Messages system. The process of this feature began with a hunt. I signed up to several different sites, logged in to others I already was a member of, etc. to view different private messaging systems. The purpose of this, is to compare the ideas we had already to the results of many Private Messaging systems around the net today. We came up with some really great ideas, which I think will push Blabber’s PM system ahead of others; even if it’s just by a notch. The PM system is currently going under some final development. After that stage, we can move on to the stage of testing. During that stage, I will be making a blog post with pictures and perhaps an audio-featured video clip of the live PM system. We have developed some of these crazy ideas already, and it’s just exciting to see it all running in real-time.

Once the PM system is complete, we’ll be moving on to user profiles, which will also include the friends system as one complete *package*. For this, we’re going to need to work out an algorithm that ties in with other ideas we’ve drafted, to make everything possible. Should be fun. 🙂

Along with these updates, I also wanted to let you know that the backbones (oriented programming) of the Blabber system is getting pretty solid, which is exciting. Looking through the code; we’re using theorys and functions that run efficiently, and just perform more solid than the “Blabbernet” framework did. This makes writing an API (which we will be doing in the future) much easier, in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed the updates. If you want any questions you might have answered, just leave a comment or email me.

Blabber on!


The Googleplex

Inside The Googleplex.

That’s nice, so do you actually work?


Digg Arc = Pretty Crazy

Digg Arc is Digg’s new flash animation for the labs. It displays stories in a circle that grows automatically, displaying the category/sub-category in the rings around the circle.


Best of all, it’s pretty freaky. Try it out!


Perfect Example!

This is just a short little extension to my previous post. I was searching Digg tonight (well, this morning), and I found a story on the frontpage, linking to a new music service called ““. Just take a look at this image:


Sounds great, right? Then, in the comments…


Ah, perfect example. 🙂

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