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Lately I’ve been stricken with an unbeatable stress. It’s been seeping through my mind, and keeps me back from feeling other, positive thoughts. Lately, client work has been terrible. I am currently dealing with two clients who I think I am being under-paid for, and I’m really close to calling off the deal. This is also a humongous time for Blabber. With it almost being time for us to release it to the public, we’ve really had to work long and hard on finishing up the little things we didn’t get done earlier.

I really don’t know what to do. When you look at it, money is nice, but when you’re unhappy with the work you are doing, it’s not really worth it. And, in retrospect, I don’t even think I’m being paid the correct sum of money. I’m currently doing a case study section of a clients web design portfolio with some javascript effect for $20.00, and a total CMS recode for $75. I really think both prices are the result of me being kind.

I’m going to look into getting myself a portfolio. This will open me up to enough jobs to say, “Hey, I’ve got enough work right now that I can throw away the clients that are making me unhappy”. Right now, however, I think I really need this money, despite it being slightly less than $100, which I think is ridiculous.

Ah well, I guess when you think about it, I should just get these projects over with.


Ubuntu: It’s Here!

I was coming home from out and about with friends today and decided to take a look in the mail. Luckily, I found a package containing the Ubuntu Live CD I ordered. I was surprised at the professional packaging it came in. It’s even packaged better than windows!

The Ubuntu Live CD case, along with a set of 4 stickers.

I’m going to install it tonight and post a few screenshots. Should be exciting!


Lame Fireworks

Okay, so the fireworks were terrible.

We got there late as well, so they were half over.

Really, bad.


Happy Canada Day!

Wow, it’s Canada Day already. Seems like it was just a few months ago that the last Canada Day took place.

It’s usually a happy time but this year I have something to feel sad about. My friend Alex’s aunt passed this year, a few months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her last Canada Day, and it’s really sad she’s not about to enjoy another year. 😦

Anyway, I’m going to attend the fireworks show tonight, so if anyone wants to come along, just tell me! Also, I’ll have pictures from the fireworks later tonight as well.

Enjoy it, Canadians!


The Best News Anchor Of Them All

Click To Watch Video

This is simply priceless.


Do want!

My next thing to aim for:



After finishing my French exam today, I ran out of the school in excitement. Ahh, summer.

It begins tonight with an all-night hackathon with Tubby, which should be a load of fun. I’ve bought Red Bull for it and everything. In this hackathon I’ll probably manage to push out some new features. This will definitely speed up the process of development.

Meh, I’ve written enough all week. Hands are tired.

Keep blabbering, internet.

– Brad