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The #1 reason why I like working with other developers is that it gives each developer a chance to concentrate and/or focus on one certain area or feature. For other projects/websites, I had to “just get it done” for every page. But working with Tubby and Alec opens up a new light which allows me to work on a certain feature all to myself. We’re working with a policy that allows each developer no limits to what they add to the feature. We will decide as a team before releasing if everything is really necessary, but I think it’s really quite fair, and each developer has their own ideas about what works well and what doesn’t.

I’m currently working on the Private Messages system. The process of this feature began with a hunt. I signed up to several different sites, logged in to others I already was a member of, etc. to view different private messaging systems. The purpose of this, is to compare the ideas we had already to the results of many Private Messaging systems around the net today. We came up with some really great ideas, which I think will push Blabber’s PM system ahead of others; even if it’s just by a notch. The PM system is currently going under some final development. After that stage, we can move on to the stage of testing. During that stage, I will be making a blog post with pictures and perhaps an audio-featured video clip of the live PM system. We have developed some of these crazy ideas already, and it’s just exciting to see it all running in real-time.

Once the PM system is complete, we’ll be moving on to user profiles, which will also include the friends system as one complete *package*. For this, we’re going to need to work out an algorithm that ties in with other ideas we’ve drafted, to make everything possible. Should be fun. 🙂

Along with these updates, I also wanted to let you know that the backbones (oriented programming) of the Blabber system is getting pretty solid, which is exciting. Looking through the code; we’re using theorys and functions that run efficiently, and just perform more solid than the “Blabbernet” framework did. This makes writing an API (which we will be doing in the future) much easier, in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed the updates. If you want any questions you might have answered, just leave a comment or email me.

Blabber on!


New Theme/Blabber Progress!

I’ve applied a new theme to the site. I think it fits quite nicely, and definitely corresponds to the type of content that gets posted here (carrrazayy :P). If you don’t like it so much, just leave a comment telling me which one I should use, and I just might switch if it’s nice.

Also, Alec has recoded the Blabber layout to CSS/Divs. Fully. He’s like an SEO doctor. Apart from the team working on converting to the new layout (which has surprisingly been a smooth process thus far), and Stephen (Tubby) pulling some magic on the backend (.htaccess, etc.) files, we’re working on a sidebar for the left of the site that seems more efficient and visually pleasing. Hopefully a preview soon, but I just wanted to use this post to just say that it’s been outstanding working with the team. They work together so well, and it’s just great working with other people. 🙂

So yeah, that’s all the news so far. I just wanted to tell you that it’s been a week with my new Macbook and I have to say; it’s outstanding. I really will be posting a review, once I get done playing around. I’ve taken enough pics to please everyone. 🙂

Keep blabbering!


Saving Up Again!

After Apple changed around the modeling/pricing of their Macbooks today, I decided to just save up some more money so I can afford a brand new one.

I’m going to be available for some freelancing jobs. I’m going to be putting up a page where you can contact me, and another page for a portfolio.

Can’t wait until the day I get to post a full-blown review on this. 🙂


ControlVee Has Been Born!

…Okay, so it’s still a fetus. But still, take a look and watch it grow!

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