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ControlVee Has Been Born!

…Okay, so it’s still a fetus. But still, take a look and watch it grow!


A Google Phone?

Source — New York Times (

Apparently Google will be competing with Apple before you know it. I, like most of you, had thought they would compete with something like an operating system (rumors of a google-made distribution of linux called “Goobuntu” once floated around the internet) before a phone. However, the New York Times have educated us with information about a possible Google phone.

“The biggest growth areas are clearly going to be in the mobile space,” Eric E. Schmidt, chief executive of Google, said when asked about new opportunities at a conference here this week. In case his point wasn’t clear, Mr. Schmidt drove it home: “Mobile, mobile, mobile.”

The new offerings from the search companies are just the beginning. Search services that pinpoint a phone’s location using the Global Positioning System or that accept voice commands are coming out of the labs. Google has gone so far as to build a prototype phone with its own software inside, according to one person who has seen it.

Now, as “positive” as that sounds, I would still call this a rumor. At least until we see this prototype.

I will post more on this if there is more information leaked (or if an announcement is made? :D) to the public.


Blabbernet Development/ControlVee

Our developers have been hard at work, staying late almost every night. Coffee is our friend.

That line, above, is entirely incorrect, of course. I’m the only developer of blabbernet (at the moment), and i’ve been slacking off to be honest. Well, I shouldn’t say slacking off. I’m working on a new web project that I think will jump and sell quite quickly. When I get ideas that I know I have to do, I jump to it right away.

The updated (and much better programmed) version of Blabbernet will be released as soon as possible. I’m not going to rush, but I want to stop coding for a change and start administrating. I can also promise that this version will be more visually pleasing and better advertised. I also know that Blabbernet is going to give you some pretty craaazy shit this time around. Stay tuned.

Right, I mentioned a project above somewhere. Now, let me explain. Right now, there is a hole in the “notes-system” area of the internet. is not functioning properly, I haven’t seen or heard of pasties in about a year, and I really haven’t heard of any other alternative. Wouldn’t it be great to have another opportunity to have a website to turn to for notes on just about anything, without having to sign up to some social networking community or spend your valuable time making a new blog just for notes? That’s exactly what I’ve been working on for the past little while. It’s a project called ControlVee (appropriate title?)  I’m basically putting together a site that quickly allows you to create notes (and choose from a list of categories – optional, of course). Have some code you wouldn’t mind pasting to a friend? That’s easy! This should be a successful project; I just need to advertise properly. Link coming soon. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. Perhaps a Blabbernet update soon, but I don’t want to spill the whole jar of beans, if you catch my drift.

Keep blabbering!


“And so I started a blog…”

Today I’ve started my own little piece of the internet (*giggles*). On a serious note, this will be my blog for updating things that are going on in my life, blabbernet ideas, and other things that interest me (and you).

Catch you all later. 🙂

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